Workout of the Day


Workout of the Day

Metropolis Fitness – WOD


Coaches Lead


Back Squat (5×3)

Tempo Back Squats

5×3 @ 80% 1RM

Tempo: (5/0/X/0)

Perform each rep with a 5 second negative (eccentric), 0 second pause at the bottom (isometric), as explosive as possible on the way up (concentric), 0 seconds pause at the top (iso-concentric)


Metcon (Time)

Metcon 190413

With a Partner

2 Rounds for time:

40 Wallball Shots (20lb,10’/14lb,9′)

40 Strict Pull-ups

Finish within 20 minutes

Split the reps evenly with your partner. Choose how you want to break your reps up.

Scale the wallball shots with a lighter medball and/or lower target.

Scale strict pull-ups with band assisted pull-ups

Cool-Down Flex

Foam roll or Lax ball Glute x :30E

1/2 pigeon x :30E

Lying banded hamstring stretch x :30E

Lying banded straight leg across body x :30E