Workout of the Day


Workout of the Day

Metropolis Fitness – WOD


Coaches Lead


Deadlift (5×4 @ 80%)

5 Rounds

Every 2 minutes

20 Double-Unders

4 Deadlifts w/reset @80%

Scale double-unders with 40 single unders

Select a Deadlift weight you can lift 6-8 reps if you do not know your 1RM

Use the same weight as last weeks deadlift

Keep the same weight across all 5 sets


Metcon (No Measure)

Tabata V-ups/Ring Rows

8 rounds of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest alternating

A) V-Ups

B) Ring Rows (Horizontal)
Alternate exercises each bout of 20 seconds work

Aim to keep your reps per exercise consistent each round throughout

Scale ring rows to a manageable height

Cool-Down Flex

Standing calf stretch 30 second (e)

Slow cat/camel 4 seconds each direction x 5

Z-sit stretch over knee 30 seconds (e)