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Strength WOD:

Strict Press

Try not to fail!  There are only 15 reps in the whole workout so you need them all to count!   If something goes wrong and you fail earlier on, go down by 10lbs and stay there for the rest of the sets.
Make sure you warm-up properly so that once you’re in your work sets you can make 5 pound, or less, jumps.   If you jump too much or too soon with the press, even if the last set felt easy, it almost always ends up backfiring with a miss.

Warm-Ups will be: Abou 10 reps with an empty bar, add weight and do about 6 reps, then add weight again to get yourself close to your first work set and just do a couple of reps.  (Unless you’re going in the 200+lb range and then you might need an extra jump.. Dale?)
During your warm-ups, don’t push to failure or anywhere near it.. You just want to get warm and ready for the heavy sets.
Remember, you want all of the 15 reps to get your stronger!!

Come in with a game plan!!  🙂

Conditioning WOD:
3 Rounds NFT – 12 Minute Cap
12 Inverted Row with a 3 Second Hold
12 Hip Extensions with a 5 Second Hold
6 Turkish Get-Ups

**  Make sure the body is Rock Solid Straight.  The ROM needs to be perfect and the hold needs to be a full 3 or 5 seconds for the rep to count.  Make sure you feel your shoulder blades pulling together on the Rows.  RX’d is feet on a box with the body parallel with the ground & 16/24kgs for the TGU’s.  Of course, if that’s not right for you, keep your feet on the ground.. but you want to make it as tough as possible!  Come up extra high on the Hip Extensions.  Keep your shoulders active and Eyes on the Bell for the TGUs!

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Catalyst Athletics Training Session  –  Notice how freakin’ lightning FAST Aimee is getting under the bar.  CRAZINESS!

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  1. BAston

    Semi-active rest day

    Warm up, stretch, roll. 25 GHD’s, some T2B, some pull ups. 9 more days…..

    Did yoga last night and actually don’t feel sore. I’m awful at yoga.

  2. Adam Van Auken

    Press – 135-140-145-150. Barely got 150 and ran out of time so I didn’t do set 5. 5 pounds off 3-rep pr.
    2 rounds of conditioning wod. TGUs feeling a little better (1 pood).
    I’m taking 2 days off! Yippee!

  3. amy edelman

    Press 63-68-73-74.5-78 added a 6th round @ 83#. Last time we did these 73# was my 2 rep max & 83# was my 1 rep max

    12kg on TGUs. Only did 1 rounds + 2nd round inverted rows

    Cash out with Paige & mike. Max thrusters in 1min @ 63#, 19 reps. Goal is to get 21 in 1 min

    Double under practice before class 11 in a row! Met my goal of 10 that was due for 10/29. Goal is to have 20 by 11/12.

  4. mcohen

    Cash in: squat depth practice with counter balance

    Strict Press: 95-115-120-125-125. For some reason I think I am getting weaker at this lift.

    1 round of the post wod stuff.

    Cash out with the ladies of 6 a.m. 1 minute of Trusters @ 95 lbs. 19 reps. I will get to that pullup bar within the minute. I will. I will.

    Go Jared Go. We are rooting for you tomorrow.

  5. Paige

    Strict press: 53-60-65-70-70 failed at 75

    12kg kb for the conditioning WOD

    Cash out with Mike and Amy:
    Max thrusters in one minute- 18 @ 65#

    @AVA, 2 days off and my nickname is Club Med? Seems like Club Med is the place to be. Meet u for breakfast!

  6. zompetti

    Strict Press:

    1 round of conditioning WOD-with modified row plank and 8kg kettlebell.

    This was a very humbling workout. I can see this being a good workout to match against a month from now.

  7. lauren

    ***Halloween Throwdown Tomorrow***
    Come out and cheer for your fellow CFMers at CrossFit Virtuosity tomorrow! The competition is from 1-4. After-party to follow. A big group of us will be meeting at noon at the Starbucks on 85th and Lex to head over.

    ***Sunday Endurance WOD***
    All are welcome. We meet at 9am outside the NYSC at 86 and Lex. Check the blog Sunday morning to make sure we’re still on – Hurricane Sandy may get in our way. Any cancellation will be posted by 8:30.

    Happy Friday!
    -Gym Belle-

  8. Vikram

    Day off at work, so hit 9 AM. Love my 6 AM, but worked out with two new Dads. Was great for the soul. Congrats to Shane and Matt.

    85(3) – 95(3) – 100(3) – 105(3) – 115(2; Failed on 3 + 1 PP)

    Conditioning: 2 rounds + 3 @ 12 kg

  9. Lightbody

    110 PR i think

    Went 85-95-100-105-110. Think i had another 5 in me. Oh well. Next time. 1 round on conditioning. Those were tough.

  10. Jason Castro

    Paleo WOD- 12 min amrap
    30 Burpee Box Jumps (30 in)
    30 OHS at 115 lbs
    30 T2B
    10 MU’s
    72 reps RX’d

  11. Bram

    Planned to come in today but forgot that there is no 8.30PM class on friday :S

    @ globo gym:
    3×18 bench press (95)
    20-15-10 deadlifts (135)
    lots of foam rolling
    2k row – 7:23.0.

    Not sure whether 14s improvement compared to last week’s 2k row during a WOD is a good improvement or nothing exciting given that I lighter workout preceding it.

  12. MacIntyre

    47- 52- 57-62-62 (tried for 67 but couldn’t quite get it)
    my attempts at turkish get ups were comical. But after EJ’s help they were fun to do.

  13. Jon

    95-105-115-125-135. PR. I think I could have gone up a bit, but was nervous about overdoing it.

    2 rounds of the conditioning WOD.

  14. Joe

    75-80-85-90-95 – Pain free and pumped!!

    1 round of conditioning wow plus 7 extensions

    Good luck to the Virtuosity peeps.